Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 24

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.... or a walk around a corner....

For the last several weeks, my DH has been walking the local beach.  I've joined him, as I've written, on several occasions.  At the south end of the beach is an outcropping.  My DH would tell me how the tide is never down enough to allow walking around it, and how he almost got washed off of it while standing on it.

Today we went for our usual walk and the tide was down.  He told me not to go around it.  He warned me not to go around it, but as the photos show I really didn't listen to him.  The beach and cliffs were even more beautiful than I imagined would be just around that corner.  You could almost imagine you were alone on the edge of the world.

Of course, a set of waves rolled up higher than I imagined, and I got wet from the knees down... but as I ran around the out-cropping back to my DH who was just shaking his head at my capriciousness, all I could think was that it was so worth it....

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That corgi :) said...

glad you took that leap of faith, Veronica! the pictures are beautiful but I'm sure it was just gorgeous in person!! glad also your hubby was there, just in case.........don't ever do this alone (that's the mother in me :)

hope you have a great Thanksgiving!! and if you are working (like I will be), then I hope it is not too crazy in the ER (or that you have lots of great stories to tell, typed a report of an injury that involved cooking the turkey yesterday so I'm sure there are lots of those all over the country today :)