Sunday, November 7, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 7

I was raised Roman Catholic, and my DH was raised Baptist.  We've had some interesting discussions, surprisingly not about ideological differences, but about the social scene.

My take on Baptists:  You spend all day at services.  You're preached at for several hours about how everything you do is a sin.  Then you have lunch which the community shares in.  Then there's bible study, or some other kind of teaching.  Maybe you get invited to your neighbors for some coffee and cake.  Then you roll on home.

His take on Catholics:  The service is always the same.  The homily doesn't really teach you anything.  The priest is never fiery and inspiring.  People complain if the service is over 45 minutes.  Everyone's goal at the end of service is to get out and get home as quickly as possible.

Today we went to our local Catholic church for services.  DH kept comparing it to the community church service he attended last week.  I have to admit I was working last weekend and didn't go with him, but I did hear more about the local town gossip than the service.  Kinda like my hairdresser but with prayers for harvest and a neighbor's arm which needs to heal.

I do have to admit, I like being Catholic.  You can go to Mass Saturdays or Sundays.  It only lasts about an hour.  But, there is something nice about having a social service as well.  A sense of community.  I have been to different churches around the country that have this... Maybe I just haven't come across the right church here.  Or maybe, I need to be startin' something...

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betty said...

well at least you guys are going to church(es), right? There are some churches that do offer Saturday services (we go Saturday evening) but you need of course to find and go where you feel is the best for you guys. I hope you can find something Veronica that meets that bill, to build you up in knowing more about God and worshiping him


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