Thursday, April 11, 2019

J is for Journalism

A few people know that I actually started off life as a journalism major.  I wanted to write about other people and their life’s stories.  What ended up happening is I ended up as a doctor writing charts about other people and their current events.  I always said I enjoyed the back story as much as the actual medical reason they came to the Emergency Department:

 - like the couple who got into a car crash... they wanted to start over so they packed everything they owned into a U-Haul and started driving across the state. They didn’t quite reach their destination because he fell asleep at the wheel.

 - like the man whose “date” stole his car while he was in the ED and then held it for ransom so that he had to run out of the ED and write her a check so that he could get his car back.

 - like the son who crashed into his dad’s car because he discovered that his girlfriend was, um, getting to “know his dad” in the biblical sense in the car.

 - like the patient who crashed their car into various road signs, was given a ride home after which they got into another car which they crashed into a mail truck then backed up onto a curb, thinking the car wasn’t driveable they got out only to have the car run over them.

 ... and on, and on, and on... seriously, some times you can’t make these stories up... 

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Random Musings said...

I know I shouldn't laugh but the one where the son trashed the car got me

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