Monday, April 22, 2019

S is for Silence

The utter silence.
I think that's what got to me.
After a week of machines and alarms,
of raspy breaths and the hum of the oxygen
it was suddenly silent.

I had sat by her bedside, holding her hand
during those last couple of hours.

She received her blessing from the priest.
Then she took a couple of deep breaths
and that was it.

My husband came in the room
and I asked him to turn off the oxygen
and then it was suddenly 
just quiet.

Even all the fowl in the yard seemed to sense the need for silence.
No sheep bleating in the distance.
Just nothing.
For a few moments.

We sat like that in silence,
tears streaming down our faces.
We held her hand.
And then it was time to let go...

1 comment:

betty said...

Think of how silent it was there, but how joyous it was in heaven when she was welcomed home.

Thankful you could be there with her on this final journey of hers, no matter how hard it was to be there.


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