Wednesday, April 24, 2019

U is for Unknowns

So many questions...

Who was this "cool girl" that would be probably be voted "TJ queen?"

Who was this "sweet and deserving gal" who someone wished that her "future be bright and full of happiness?"

"Lots of luck and happiness to a real cool kid..."

Who's the girl that Steve teased, "oh, and don't drive so fast you'll kill some one especially you. you woman driver..." 

There's also a possibly serious marriage proposal..?  Who was that guy and what happened to him...?

So what did happen at that party...?  Wait, driving around with boys in cars...? What?!? Beach rides and football games...?  Who is this woman..?

So many questions I wish I could ask her.... I wish I'd found her yearbook sooner...

1 comment:

betty said...

Maybe she didn't want it found? Did she keep up with any of her high school friends?


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