Thursday, July 21, 2011

myPod Shuffle #21 - Time After Time

In 1984 when this song came out, I was a junior in high school.  Over the years, this song came to mind whenever a relationship broke apart.  And, I think it had a lot to do with the video which I remember to this day.  A girl leaves home to be with her love, but he can't accept the changes that she undergoes.  She decides it's better to leave and move on, but he sees her leaving, and for a time makes her think that he is going with her.  Then, at the last minute, she has to go alone and find her new path in life.

In so many ways at times, this song paralleled what was happening in my own life.  I left home to go to college.  I left college to go back home.  I left home to go to D.C. and then to Mexico City.  I left there back to home.  Then to med school.  And, then, traveling around the country almost every year until I finally made it to here.  There were a lot of relationships along the way, but the most important ones seemed to relate to decisions I had to make about leaving and moving on.

In some ways, that's the problem with ambition.  What are you willing to give up for your own dreams?  What are you willing to sacrifice?  Up until the time I met my DH, I felt as though no one was going to hold me back.  I knew other girls who decided about med school, residency, etc. based on what their current significant other might want, or what they thought he might want, or what they hoped he might agree to.  I'd like to say I never made a decision based on someone else, but I'd be lying.  I think at some point someone affects you to the point you might make a decision based on their point of view and not your own.

I wonder sometimes where I might have ended up, but I think I made the right choice because here is where I'm enjoying being right now... with someone who isn't falling behind but staying caught up right along with me.

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