Friday, July 8, 2011

myPod Shuffle #8 - Iris

Did you ever watch the movie "City of Angels?" It's a film about an angel who falls in love with a person and gives up Heaven to be human along with them. It made me think at the time (April of 1998) what would I be willing to give up for love?

I was four months away from starting my first year of medical school, and I hadn't really been in a relationship with any sort of longevity for a while.  I had spent the last three years working 7 days a week at two jobs plus carrying a full load of pre-med courses.  Just having a study buddy was hard enough.  Not to mention, it's hard having a relationship when your classmates are almost 10 years younger than you.

I did have Pre-Med Buddy (PMB) who I'd occasionally meet for dinner and study group that was a "non-traditional" student like myself.  We were in a lot of the same classes and had the same world views given our ages.  So, it was nice to have someone to relate to.   But, not quite "Iris" material.

There were Online Friend 1 and OF2, both of which were fun to go out with and chat with, but somehow the chemistry wasn't there or the timing wasn't right either.  I did ask OF2 jokingly to "wait for me" at one of our last dinners before leaving for med school, but our friendship never went beyond that.  Still, no "Iris" material.

I didn't know at the time that the song and movie came out that I would meet my DH just about three months later and suddenly be able to relate to a lot of the song.  Over the course of the next 7 years while I struggled through medical school and a surgical internship, I understood the depths of what one is willing to give up for love.  It was the first time I started to consider someone else's future when making plans for my own.  Now, that's "Iris" material.

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betty said...

I loved that movie (City of Angels) (Biblically so wrong, but great love story). I'm sure both of you have given up things for love, but in the end you both gained so much!! (love the song too!)


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