Monday, July 11, 2011

myPod Shuffle #11 - Mirror in the Bathroom

Today's shuffle compliments of Alisha...

I love music. I think I've talked about my love for music on past posts remembering my first radio which I received around age 7 or 8. I don't know that I really experienced music or knew about the wide range of styles, though, until I went to college. Living in the dorms you get exposed to a wide variety of music, mostly compliments of some neighbor who at three in the morning decides to blast, "Funky Cold Medina" or something similar. I also learned a lot about music and broadened my range by being a member of the SDSU Student Association Cultural Arts Committee.

Let's be honest... I listened to pop music or Top 40: Madonna, the GoGo's, Wham, etc. Then, frat parties introduced me to the Animal House tunes such as "Louie Louie" which I discussed yesterday, and other songs from that movie and time period. Several friends in college were DJ's, so I started to hear more dance music with a little bit of alternative mixed in. My good friend in college was a "Mod" so I started to hear a little bit more alternative and sub-culture music. But, it was really on the Cultural Arts Committee where I started hearing music that I would probably have never listened to in the first place. "Mirror in the Bathroom" falls into this category.

I can't remember the names of the bands that came through that year, but I know that at least one or two of them became more than just "college bands" and went on to the national scene. It was also the first time I learned about these local bands that were "cover bands" while they tried to make it in the mainstream. I heard more of this type of music when I went to Milwaukee for med school as Summerfest is held there annually and draws from both the local and big name bands. One of my favorites is the "Love Monkeys" that played multiple venues while I lived in the Milwaukee area. They are an awesome cover band, and I spent several evenings dancing and drinking many a Leinie's mixed Honey Weiss & Berry Weiss to their music.

Doing this daily blog and reviewing my songs is not only a great walk down memory lane, but also helps to remember how I have added to my collection of songs over the years. And what an eclectic mix this is!

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