Wednesday, July 13, 2011

myPod Shuffle #13 - Here, There and Everywhere

If you can imagine the most perfect love song, I think this would be it.  If you can imagine the most perfect love it's that first time you fall for someone completely with whom you imagine the most perfect romantic life.  And, that can only happen once in your life... at 16.

Unrequited Love 1 (UL1) was perfect.  Tall, dark and handsome.  Kind of like a hippy version of McDreamy on "Grey's Anatomy."  To this geeky, too-smart-but-too-naive-for-her-own-good sixteen year old, he was heaven.  I imagined the most perfect romance, holding hands, having him sing and write songs for me, a church full of flowers and doves, lots of beautiful tall blue-eyed children, and the perfect life.  Seriously, this was my ideal at that age.

He was older, of course;  totally involved in his band, working on his career, imagining the most beautiful woman that he would fall in love with; because that was one of his requirements in a woman - intelligent, secure in her faith, family-loving, and beautiful.  I know this because he told me that on the night that he shattered all of my dreams.  The night that I look back on with utter embarrassment and horror.  The night I was going to tell him how I felt, how I was going to soon be old enough to date him, how we would be perfect together forever.

I think almost every girl goes through this first major crush.  And, I think they call it a crush because you get literally crushed once you realize that the relationship is all in your head and that reality doesn't work that way.  Now, I am sure some people have gotten beyond the age difference.  I am sure some people will say that they met and married the man of their dreams whom they met in high school, and that the dream is still alive.  But, I'm like all the Marcia Bradys of the world who fall in love with their Davy Jones;  someone ideal and perfect in your eyes but not obtainable.

Still, despite my teenage angst at learning that my perfect dream that I had been reveling in over the past two years was just that, I will never forget that night at age 16 when UL1 and CC1 played and sang this song using the sheet music I had just received.  I think that's the night when I fell in love.... with both UL1 and this song.

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Lori said...

This was always one of my favorite Beatles songs. Love on the original when John comes in with the harmony.

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