Tuesday, July 5, 2011

myPod Shuffle #5 - Down Under

Instant flashback to high school... Red and Gold... I was a devil. I went to an all-girls' school in Southern California, Rosary, and every year the school would be divided into the Red Team and the Gold Team. You chose what you wanted to do: drill, dance, chorus, scenery, drama, etc, and for several weeks scripts were written, dances and routines taught, chorus practiced culminating in 2 performances with a winner announced after the Saturday night performance.

I can't remember now if I was Red or Gold, but I think our play had something to do with Good versus Evil, and I was a devil doing a drill routine to "Down Under." A friend of mine did a dance routine as an angel to "Dancing in Heaven."

Still, I wore satin red horns, a red leotard with red tights... and I can't remember if we wore shoes or not. Leotards... I think that was the last time I ever wore one. Looking back, I don't know if I was ever conscientious about my body and how I looked in that thing.  Of course, form-fitting it left nothing to the imagination, but I just don't think I thought about it much then.... it's all a distant memory, but, kinda like the drill routine I can almost remember how the moves to the chorus went... twist left, twist right, swing arms, up and over the head, down on your knees, turn and spin....

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