Sunday, July 17, 2011

myPod Shuffle #17 - Felt Good on My Lips

I never liked country music. Couldn't handle the sound of it. Quickly changed the channel as soon as it came on. Now, within less than a year... less than six months actually, I have the local Big Red country station as a radio preset. We went to a local rodeo yesterday, and much to my chagrin, I actually knew the words to more than 50% of the songs playing over the loudspeaker. We, gulp, watched part of the Country Music Awards this year, and I was familiar with some of the groups... actually have some of the songs on my iPod. Eek...!!

Seriously, what's happened to me? I'm a city girl. I wanted a loft apartment in modern stone and steel with a view of downtown. I wanted a Mercedes AMG sports coupe. Now, I'm talking about trailer hitches, looking at John Deere tractors, and learning about V6 versus V8 hemis on the new 4x4 truck that I am considering buying. Actually, not considering, but at this moment actively researching and pricing, because when you live in the rural community I live in, now as a 25 acre landowner, you need a truck. With a dog or two in back. And a cowboy hat and boots... but we're still doing the research on those.

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