Thursday, April 9, 2015

#278 - H is for Humboldt County

I thought I would share some of my favorite
photos from where I am currently living:
Humboldt County...

From Centerville Beach

To Ferndale

Past Bull Creek

And the Honeydew Bridge

From Point Mendocino

To Table Bluff near Loleta

I love the Eel River

And the Pacific Ocean

I love seeing Roosevelt Elk!!

And sea-faring boats in the harbor at Eureka

This is where I call HOME...

A place where Scottish Highlander cows
can walk casually down the road...

Come visit us some time...!


Amy Bovaird said...

Wow! Great photos!
Scottish Highlander cows and elk walk down your street? Very cool!
Looks like a fun place to be!
Thanks for sharing!
Amy (New blogger from A to Z Challenge)

Entrepreneurial Goddess said...

Hello there.
Looks like a nice place to live. Great photos, especially the elk and cow in the middle of the road!
Thanks for sharing.

Entrepreneurial Goddess