Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#277 - M is for Mexico

I've been to different parts of Mexico so many times
that I could write a month of blogs just on
the places I've been and the things I've seen.

I even lived in Mexico City for a year.
But, I thought I would share a scant percentage of
the hundreds of photos I have of places in Mexico.

I love fountains, and I especially love
the small plazas you find in most Mexican towns.
My abuelita (Span. grandmother) used to say that
growing up, on Sundays after church, 
the young men and women would walk around the outside 
of the town square while
mothers and grandmothers and aunties would sit
on the inside of the square keeping an eye on the
young people.  Beaus would slip notes into 
the girl's shawls since speaking to a young woman
was frowned upon.  She even told the story of
how a friend of hers was in love with a young
man whom her parents didn't approve of, and
how he rode up on his horse one day during
the Sunday plaza walk and grabbed her up on his
horse and ran away with her.
That she knew of, they lived happily ever after.

This is in Manzanillo, a small town on the Pacific Coast
where life is simple, and resorts haven't taken over
the small town.  It still feels a lot like old world Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is one of my favorite places.
I love the downtown area and have been here
tons of times.

A new place we went to our last time there was 
the Arch which is south of Puerto Vallarta...
We went snorkeling and ended up eating a fish feast
on the beach afterward, washed down with chilled
Mexican beer... good thing we weren't driving.

And, then there's Tulum.
With its white sandy beaches...

And amazing history and Mayan ruins...

And you can go across to Cozumel...
on a boat,  take pictures of boats
and get on another boat and go snorkeling.

Then drink more cerveza!!

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Denise said...

Just stopping by from A to Z. Nice photos.

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