Friday, April 10, 2015

#278 - I is for Inspiration

Funny, I couldn't find anywhere I have traveled that started with the letter I.  Ixtapa?  no...  Irapuato, Mexico?  Yes, when I was young, and I think I have two pictures somewhere of a street scene.  Inverness?  no... Ireland?  No...

So I found myself looking for inspiration which led to this photo:

It's me, my mom, and my grandmother.

I'm currently on a road trip with my mother, and as
we retrace roads we traveled long ago, I 
found myself thinking about my grandmother,
who died in 1987, but who also traveled these roads.

And my mother; wondering how much time I have left
with her... and how many more roads we will be able
to travel in that time we have left.

She is my inspiration to travel,
to explore,
to do everything in life that I want,
and to do it all well...

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Claire Annette said...

Lovely post - I traveled with my grandmother often (my mother often couldn't take care of me) She is no longer her but remains my inspiration.
Claire at A Field Trip Life