Saturday, April 11, 2015

#278 - J is for Jacksonville... Oregon

Most people don't know about the small town of
Jacksonville, OR which is located to the west
of Medford and just south of Grant's Pass.

The only reason I know about it is because
my DH hang glides, and it's one of the major
spots in our area.

The peak shown above is Woodrat...

This is the cliff where they throw themselves off from...
I mean, launch their hang gliders from...

Paragliders also launch from here as well,
and during the summer months, the sky is full
of bright colors...

Here's my DH coming in for a landing...
Given that Jacksonville is one of the gateways
to the Applegate Valley wineries,
I can enjoy the trips as well... 
plus a little vino helps keep the 
spousal nerves in check...


betty said...

I know Jacksonville :) We used to live in Medford (years ago). Went to Jacksonville for the children's museum (not sure if it is still there, but a nice one at the time).


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Why do men always seem to enjoy for a hobby things to make us cringe and worry? Beautiful place you live! Happy AtoZ!
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Susan Taylor said...

Well, there are like 20 reasons to love this post! I've not been to Oregon -- YET. I love the west coast, but it's a long, long way from Ohio.

I enjoyed your blog and will be back again.

Visiting from a to z blog challenge!