Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#274 - S is for Seattle

One of the benefits of having to do CME
(continuing medical education) is having a 
wide array of conferences to choose from.
A lot in places where I've never been.
Like Seattle.

Not only do you get to continue to learn
and grow in your profession, but you get to 
see cool and fascinating things...

Like the Chihuly Garden and Glass
where I took some amazing photos of
even more amazing artwork:

We had a reception one night in the atrium
just below the Space Needle... wow...

I also enjoyed going to the EMP 
(Enjoy Music Project) Museum.

Not only did they have some interesting exhibits:

DH, I think there's something behind you...!

But, I also was able to see the swords from the 
"Princess Bride" movie.  One of my favorites!

One day, I took a walk to the Fish Market and watched
as the mongers threw fish over people's heads.

We also caught a ride on the Bremerton Ferry,
one just to say we rode a ferry,
and two because they allowed dogs.

I don't know if they enjoyed the experience or not,
but they sure attracted a crowd and were
surprisingly well-behaved despite the noise.

And, three, you can't beat the picture opportunities:

We had our final reception at the
Museum of Flight where we got
to spend an entire evening enjoying the museum.

Have I mentioned I love planes?

We thoroughly enjoyed Seattle,
and the 12 hour Road Trip to and from the conference!

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