Friday, November 22, 2019

NaBloPoMo - Day 22 - Going to Town

Today was a bit of a run-around day...
I think I've mentioned before that we live in a rural area.
Yes, we have the local store, but I really don't relish paying $4 for
the convenience of the a loaf of bread, 
so every couple of weeks we make a
"trip into town..."

So, the closest big town is only about 15 miles away
but it really seems like a long drive and it
becomes almost an all day event.
It's those country miles.

Starts off with breakfast at one of our favorite cafes.
Then drop Hubby off at the beauty college where he prefers to get his hair cut...
(insert eye roll here)
Then I run various errands from buying some painting supplies,
stopping at the court house to pick up the latest probate form,
quickly grab groceries at the larger chain store,
pick up a bowl from a friend who took home leftovers after our last party
then return to pick up the Hubby.
Together we go to Costco which is where everybody shops around here.
Yep, we have a Kohl's and that about it for department stores.
Well, WalMart and Target, but seriously,
we have Costco so why go there..?
We shop, snack on the food displays,
get our frozen yogurt, gas up the car 
and finally head home...

Welcome to life in a small town.
About the only thing we didn't do was join the people
having their big hot dog or pizza at Costco...
we don't live that far out of town.

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betty said...

I bet Costco had to be so crowded the Saturday before Thanksgiving! My brother calls that the $100 store. You can't get out of it for less than that with all they have to offer to buy. We presently don't have a membership but did in the past. There is something to be said for living in small towns. How is the Internet there? That used to be a requirement for me when we moved for work, but ha ha, those days are long gone :)


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