Saturday, November 16, 2019

NaBloPoMo - Day 16 - TYOFWM Wine and Mushroom Party

Every year we hold a Wine and Mushroom party and invite all of our friends. It's during the month of November that we usually get the first rains of the season and chanterelles grow in the moistened undergrowth of spruce trees. Our friends come over and hunt for these delicious fungi, and we have a splendid dinner and lots of wine.

This was the first year without my Momma being there. She really didn't come out of her room; she never was very social. But, I would make her a plate of all the delectable treats and rarely she might sneak out of her room and smuggle some desserts or sweets of her own choosing.

I make a small welcome speech before dinner and this year we raised a glass to my Momma and her memory.

There was no sunshine all day because of fog, but about an hour before people were going to start arriving the sun came out and I was able to capture this shot of the sunshine coming through those spruce trees at the top of our property... I like to think Momma shone down and was present in spirit...

Salud, Momma!

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betty said...

That was a cool effect with the picture! How did you discover those mushrooms were okay to eat? What a fun concept for a party!


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