Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 16 - Natural Foods

We're blessed to be able to live in a natural setting...

Twenty acres of lush ferns and pine trees...

And one of the first things we discovered were some edible mushrooms.

Chanterelles can be found along our upper ridgeline.

These beauties can be eaten after cooking in 
wine or butter which they absorb and which
enhances their flavor.

This year at our annual Wine and Mushroom Party,
I learned we also have bolete mushrooms...
I thought they just looked like big alien 

But supposedly they are also very tasty and prized,
and my guests had a great time finding both
chanterelles and boletes.

Not as many as in years past because of the lack of rain,
but at least more than the one or two that were found last year.

Next year I hope it will be an even better hunt...!
If you do go out hunting on your own,
make sure someone is checking what you pick, because
there are some look-alikes that will get you sick...
or worse...

Stay safe, my friends...!

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