Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 21 - What's Next?

I loved the TV show "The West Wing" for many reasons.
Today, one of them is for the line I posted:
"What's next?"

You see, I'm a person with a short attention span.
I need a little chaos in my life to function properly.
Some of my best studying in medical school
was in the ER.
I don't need white noise; 
I need heavy metal blasting, in your face, 
the walls are falling down around you noise.
And, I feel completely calm in the middle of it.

Going along with this, my DH comments that
I'm not myself unless I have the TV on,
with the computer on my lap, referencing my iPad
and occasionally glancing or texting on my phone,
all at the same time.

Which is probably why I have so many arts and crafts supplies
that I am planning an entire room dedicated to them.
Beading supplies will sit next to
quilting fabric which will be bordered by
scrap book papers and cutouts which will share shelf space with
paints and pencils and books about drawing alongside
sheet music and photography supplies and yarn and
and and...

I'm always looking for the "what's next...?"
and generally have several projects going on at the same time.
Now, for the first time in a while,
I actually have some free time to think about it...

What to do, what to do..?

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