Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 11 - When Grannys Go Boom...

From cinemagay.com
There's a scene from "30 Rock" which I can totally relate to.  It's from the third episode of the first season where Liz Lemon is set up on a date with Gretchen Thomas.  They have a phone conversation about the fear of dying alone in their apartment and being found by the neighbors weeks later when a dog "smells them from the hallway."  Gretchen comments that "ever since I turned thirty every time I get in or out of the bathtub I think I think in my head “Careful…careful…”

I thought about this scene several times tonight during my shift as I handled the multiple patients who came in with falls.  From the teenager who challenged the laws of gravity to the elderly fall victim who dislocated their hip.  We see falls often.  And, it always scares me to think of falling because of all the injuries we see.  From simple lumps and bumps to serious head bleeds and broken extremities.
So just keep thinking, "careful... careful..." and stay safe out there.

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