Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 12 - I Hate Everyone

Some days, this is my theme song for work.

When the never-ending stream of patients
keeps coming in the front door so that I can
"make sure this blister isn't infected"
"refill my script for pain pills that my girlfriend stole"
"find out why my side's been hurting for the last 3 months"
or so I can have 15 year old try to scam me for
narcotics for their "slipped disks."

When the chronics come in complaining of "increasing pain"
that is not relieved with their prescribed doses of narcotics and benzos.
And who tell me right off the bat that
"I need more than the usual dose because most medications
don't work on my pain"
"oh, by the way, I'm allergic to everything except for dilaudid."

When the borderline patient tells me to "*&^% myself"
as they're being brought in by police and EMS.
Don't yell at me when you're the one who "tried to kill themselves"
by taking an extra dose or two of your medications.
As I stated in a previous post,
if you really meant it, you'd take a LOT more medication.
Who's wasting whose time..?

Ok, let's breathe in with the blue
breathe out with the green...
and drink alcohol,
lots and lots of alcohol...

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