Friday, July 25, 2014

MyPod Birthday Shuffle IV - Day 25 - We're All Alone


I wrote yesterday about my love affair with love songs which started about the time I was transitioning from 8th grade to high school.  Although this song was first released in 1977, I don't remember it before this time.  What I do remember most are the haunting lyrics: 

"Close the window calm the light
And it will be all right
No need to bother now
Let it out let it all begin
All's forgotten now
We're all alone.. all alone"

I think one of my first short stories came after I heard this song.  Remember, I was in 8th grade when I wrote it.  It was about a girl who falls in love with a boy after coming out to visit her uncle in California.  She's on the beach walking his dog, and she meets the boy on the beach.  But, it's a summer love and soon she has to leave to go back to the East Coast where she is from.  This is the song that is playing as they take a final drive along PCH in Malibu at sunset just before she leaves.  

I don't know that I ever finished that story, but I might have.  I have to go see if I can find it in one of the boxes of writing notebooks I got from my mom's house.  Maybe a few more days here in Montana, and I'll be inspired to complete it...!

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