Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MyPod Birthday Shuffle IV - Day 22 - Fly Like an Eagle

I cheated a little again today.
"Fly Like an Eagle" originally came out in 1976
and was played by the Steve Miller Band.
I have the Neville Brothers 1996 version which I downloaded
specifically for this video of my husband hang gliding:

I have a number of songs like this.
Just needed the right song, and I didn't have it
so I downloaded it.
I don't mind when it comes around.

I thought of it today because I saw two bald eagles
on our trip through Idaho and into Montana.
I couldn't get any pics of them because it was from the road,
but I did get this pic of one of the sculptures in
Libby, Montana.

You know, when you take the road less traveled,
sometimes you see the most amazing things...

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