Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year, Another Squirrel...

Last year I wrote about my thoughts from the previous year, and my wishes for the next.  Here's a part of the post:

And what am I looking forward to in 2011....?
 - a new house
 - new responsibilities in my chosen career
 - travel!
 - finally getting to a place where I can enjoy other pursuits... maybe writing a book...?!?!

So let's see how I did...

We got a new house that we are slowly working on.  Bought the house in late February and didn't move into it until August 1st.  Or, actually, didn't get possession of it until then;  we're still in the process of moving in.

I am now Paramedic Coordinator and sit on the Humboldt County Emergency Medical Care Committee, so that part of my life is slowly progressing.  Plus, I've been chosen as a new speaker for our physician's group, so soon I will be lecturing at the annual meetings.

Travel - this year we went to Bonita Springs in Florida, Maui, Medford in Oregon, and to a conference in San Francisco.  We took many local road trips further exploring our area, so I think that counts too.

Funny how life got even busier.  With the move and everything there was no time to get the quilting or knitting or watercolors set up.... Although, I did make it through the whole month of NaBloPoMo and joined BlogHer in the process.
So, new resolutions:
 - to get back into my healthy veggie habits... hubby's just going to have to have a milkshake along with his salad
 - to get back into a regular fitness routine
 - to continue to improve as a physician and further develop my career goals
 - to write, frequently, and start the outline for a book
 - to enjoy every minute that I can with my family and friends
 - to get organized with my quilting and actually finish most of the projects I have started (you can follow my progress here)
 - to go to one new place this year and explore!
 - to remember to thank God weekly for everything he has given me and my family
 - and, darn it, I will pet that Cheetah!!

As for my resolutions.... um, yeah, so how about some for next year, shall we...?

 - we're getting a dog, so the fitness part will be easier
 - to continue to progress in my profession
 - to not forget to pursue vigorously my creative side
 - to continue to enjoy the love and company of family and friends
 - to thank God daily for the many blessings He has bestowed on me
 - and, I think I might have a cheetah connection to pursue in the next year...

HAPPY NEW YEAR's... May your fondest dreams and wishes come true!

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betty said...

I look forward to hearing the rest of the cheetah connection! Always good to thank God for his blessings indeed! It has been a good year I do believe, Veronica, for you and yours! Onto 2012; happy new year!


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