Friday, December 31, 2010

On the Eve of the New Year....

OK, so last year I started off with this post, and with the following resolutions....Let's see how I did...

 - to continue my raw food healthy habits (so, I sort of fell off around April, and part of the difficulty is that my DH started eating the same way and soon started looking like a scarecrow... so, we started fixing different foods, and he gained weight, and so did I.)
 - to study and read more journal articles (I have been better about this.  I have weekly EM updates which I have been reading, and I did spend the better part of two months preparing for my board exams, so I think this counts)
 - to finally get better on my snowboard (you can only do this with time and snow;  had plenty of snow and very little time.  I only got up to what passes for mountains in Western NY once and that was it... so fail on this one)
 - to pet a cheetah (I guess stuffed ones don't count... darn)
 - to finish at least 2 of the UFO's (that's unfinished projects) in my quilting stash (I did make several tops to quilts, but they haven't been quilted yet.... so fail there too... )
 - and to make it to church more often and thank God for the wonderful gifts of family, friends, and health He has bestowed on me this year (I think I actually have done this.  Maybe not every week but more of a concerted effort to put more time away for God)

All right, so about 50/50... Regardless, this has been an amazing year with lot's of life's changes.  I finally finished my training and am now working as an Emergency Physician in one of the most beautiful places imaginable.  

And what am I looking forward to in 2011....?
 - a new house
 - new responsibilities in my chosen career
 - travel!
 - finally getting to a place where I can enjoy other pursuits... maybe writing a book...?!?!

So, new resolutions:
 - to get back into my healthy veggie habits... hubby's just going to have to have a milkshake along with his salad
 - to get back into a regular fitness routine
 - to continue to improve as a physician and further develop my career goals
 - to write, frequently, and start the outline for a book
 - to enjoy every minute that I can with my family and friends
 - to get organized with my quilting and actually finish most of the projects I have started (you can follow my progress here)
 - to go to one new place this year and explore!
 - to remember to thank God weekly for everything he has given me and my family
 - and, darn it, I will pet that Cheetah!!



Connie said...
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Connie said...

Happy & healthy New Year!!

Connie said...

P.S. I removed the first comment for wrong spelling

Cal Dream Squirrel said...

I don't mind typos.... I have them all the time, Happy New Year!!

betty said...

I'm just betting you will get to pet a cheetah sometime in your lifetime!! I'm rooting for you! I'm also thinking it is quite possible to thank God daily for his blessings bestowed :)

Happy New Year to you and your husband!


Julie said...

I made about 50/50 on mine also. WTG on that raw eating. I like raw but really like grilled also, LOL. You have come a long way this past year.

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