Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The King's New Throne

We're in the process of moving into our new home, and over the last several days, we've slowly started bringing things from our rental up to the house.  One of the objects in the old house that my DH wanted to make sure we removed was the toilet seat.  So, as an early Christmas present, I bought him a new one.

I guess because I've been living in a rental for the last 13+ years, I haven't thought about the importance of having something new that only you have used.  My hubby made it plain and clear that he wasn't sitting somewhere where others had been.  So today we had the ceremonial removal of the old throne and the placement of the new one.

I did take a picture of the old ring sitting on top of the burn pile, but the actual lighting will have to wait until another day... it's started raining and who know when it's going to be another burn day.  Then we'll have the ceremonial lighting of the ring to show that a new king has taken the throne...

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That corgi :) said...

LOL! I love it, Veronica! What a cute ceremony to do! For some reason I thought you were already in your new house (where have I been?) How exciting it is all coming together and you'll be in the new house for the new year!)