Monday, July 18, 2016

Birthday Shuffle Sixth Edition - Day 18

I know this song is all about expectations,
but this is a song I like to hear somewhere
around the middle of a long ride...
when I am starting to feel Numb.

On short 20 - 30 mile rides,
I know what my body needs to keep functioning
and keep cycling, but I am still learning
what I need to do to keep my knees from freezing
and locking up,
and what I need to do so I don't feel
like my lungs are going to explode
on those longer rides.

Or especially in the middle of a long incline...
I hate long inclines.

Are you watching the Tour de France...?
I have watched it the last 2 years.
It's inspirational even though I know
I will never be at their level.
I kinda wish I had watched it as a kid
because it definitely would have been
inspiring then, and maybe I would have
trained more and done more when I was younger...

Anyway, this was their stage profile from yesterday... yikes!

And this was their final climb... eek!

We have some hills nearby which are similar,
and I am med control for a local race

This is not something I would want to do on a bike...

Talk about feeling numb...

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