Monday, April 15, 2013

#538 - M is for Mass Casualty Incident

My training is in Emergency Medicine.
My subspecialty is EMS (Emergency Medical Services.)
My interests are in Mass Casualty Incidents
and Disaster Medicine.
Days like today are what we train for.

One of my colleagues from residency was at the race today.
She also was in my subspecialty group,
and her interest is in mass gathering medical services.

I don't know if you realize that when you have a sporting event
you have to have x amount of emergency medical services per x amount of people.
The more people, the more extensive the list of 
emergency medical personnel you have to have on hand.

She was working the medical tent at the race.
Usually she deals with sports-related injuries.
Today turned out to be a little different.

When you watch the video of the explosion,
and you start to see people running away,
pay close attention to those who run toward the danger,
those who started pulling down the barriers even as the second bomb exploded,
who immediately went into Mass Casualty Mode 
and started helping.
That's EMS.
That's my friend,
who ran back to help start up triage
to help the injured.
This is what we train for,
and she did what I would have done/would do
in the same situation.

I loved Boston the year I lived there training at BWH.
We watched the marathon from the Common as the first racers came into view
the year I lived there on one of my random days off.
I pray for those affected by this incident.


Lori said...

Bless your friend and all the others who ran to help. I can't imagine how horrible it must have been to be there, but I'm sure many lives were saved because of quick response.

carol said...

Wonderful post. Your friend, first responders, and all of those who helped are amazing. (Now I've got tears in my eyes again.)

Cathrina Constantine said...

So sadden, and full of grief...

Juli said...

It really was amazing to see all the people who ran IN instead of OUT. I had debated bringing the kids in, as I had worked years ago for L & T and had watched friends finish from the second story window displays. That's where we would have been, right in the middle, had I not opted to stay home.

All my friends came home safe. But there it's far from over. Next year, the race will be bigger, bolder, and more amazing... and I hope the SOB (SOBs) responsible get it televised to their seat on death row.

Thanks for all you do.

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