Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#567 - I is for Inspiration

Where do you go to for inspiration when you're writing?
I turn on music.

I try to shut everything off so that the voices in my head can take over.
I've written before, that writing for me is simply
allowing the stream of consciousness to flow from the brain to the fingers.
I can't be interrupted because I lose the rhythm of the writing.

And, sometimes I have to wait for inspiration to hit...
Some days it's just a few minutes,
others it's scrolling through email, Facebook, YouTube,
watching a movie, etc.

Today at work I didn't get much inspiration,
which was ok...
a nice, peaceful day at work is needed 
from time to time...


Anonymous said...
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Vikki T said...

Just stopping by from the A-Z Challenge list to say "Hi"

Really enjoyed your post honey, i find that i get inspiration from everything around me, but especially people ;)

Good luck with the rest of the challenge :)


Jagoda said...

I read your A-post too and can understand why a quiet day would be welcome. My question is how you find time to write more than one blog? Glad you are, though--your blog looks pretty interesting. I'll be back.

Fellow A to Z'er, Jagoda

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