Saturday, April 20, 2013

#533 - R is for Relaxing

You need vacations;
some time to get away and forget about life,
such as it is.

I need vacations.
Given the day to day drama of 
working in the Emergency Room,
if I didn't take the time to decompress
every once in a while,
would really start to suffer.

But, the trick is in knowing how to vacation well.

We go to new places.
Explore new parts of the country, 
or own glorious state of California. 

We Google anything we have a question about,
or hound the locals,
or hound the other visitors.

It kinda helps that we have a bit of wanderlust.
Now that I am mostly settled in one place,
it's harder to get out exploring.
We really need to make the time to go away.

And, as we added on the responsibilities of a 
it gets even harder to get away.

But still we must...

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

Go for it Veronica! If anyone deserves a change of scenery you (both) do.
Love the photo!

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