Saturday, March 10, 2012

Writer's Toolbox Exercise #6

(Warning in case you don't remember what happened last time, this post may lead to a diarrhea of ideas several posts long.  The game:  You are given a protagonist "Bill the paleoclimatologist," a goal "to be the strongest," an obstacle "the barista at Starbucks," and an action "get married."  Make the story.)

Geeky scientist by day, world class athlete by night.  That's how Bill saw himself.

And, that's all I've got after a harrowing three days of work.  Day off tomorrow, so there will be more to come since I can really get my head clear of all the drama in and out of the Emergency Department.
Oh, and warning:  if you're going to stick your hand in the lawnmower, make sure the blade isn't turning at the time... that's how I spent the last hour of my shift putting someone's hand back together, and let's just say I had a few pieces left over by the time I was done.

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