Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Writer's Toolbox Exercise #3 Cont. Again

What I'm doing...

The Story Part One.
The Story Part Two.

The Story Part Three...

Leora looked sadly at her almost empty beer and tried not to think about the feeling of emptiness in her stomach.  When had she eaten last?  Would it be impolite to order food half-hoping that Misha would pick up the tab?  She was only half-listening to Misha and re-calculating what was left from her tips that evening when she caught, "... and now with the baby coming."

With that statement, suddenly Leora knew that she was in for a long night.


... and, I got nothing.  I've been working nights the last three nights, and today was my "turn around day."  I didn't sleep last night, and I got in about a 2 hour nap during the day.  It's a cop-out I know, but I got a post in, and I will continue the story tomorrow...

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