Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writer's Toolbox Exercise #3, Finished

What I'm doing...

The Story Part One.
The Story Part Two.

With that statement, Leora knew she was in for a long night.


Standing on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, Leora wondered why spies always insisted on meeting in high public places.  Seriously, weren't they supposed to commit espionage in darkly lit bars or in dimly lit corners of parks?

Holding up her cell phone as though she was taking a picture of the city view, Leora quickly changed the camera to self-portrait and focused on the pair of males standing just behind her.  She took several pictures and moved on along the railing as though she were just another tourist, blending into the crowd.

Confirming in the album section of her cell phone that she had the pictures she needed, Leora took a glance at the time and headed to the elevator.  She got into the car and headed down, wondering if she would have time to stop and shop for some luggage for her upcoming trip to Tel Aviv.

Since she'd found out six months ago that Misha's husband was really a wanted international fugitive, she'd been hired by Misha's office to do other investigative work for them.  Her degree in performing arts along with a photography minor had blended into the perfect combination of talents for a new professional stalker.

Still, though, her fear of heights had almost been her undoing.  But, nothing a little bohemian brew at Peculiar Pub couldn't fix.  And, since she had started taking classes again at NYU to get her master's degree, Leora could stop at the bar whenever she chose.

Stepping out into the fresh air of the city as she reached ground level again, Leora knew that she wasn't going to get wealthy monetarily any time soon.  But at the moment, her life was very rich indeed.

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