Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for World Traveler

Momma and I about to board a plane to Puerto Vallarta...

Like I said before, I can't remember a time we
weren't going somewhere.

We've traveled all over Mexico.
We went to Australia for three weeks
when I graduated from college.
We went to Europe for three weeks
just before I started preparing for med school.
She made it to Alaska on a cruise this last November.
And, recently, we've been exploring the western U.S.
one road trip at a time.

She still has places she wants to go,
but time is running out...

Can I get her on a cruise to the Panama Canal?
Could she make it to Morocco and Greece?
She always wanted to visit Japan.

How do you make time when time is limited?
How do you continue to move forward when almost daily
there are set-backs?
Her wishes have become my wishes,
and I still want to grant them...
But will there be enough time
and can she survive the journey
when her path is almost at an end?

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