Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Organization

One thing about Momma is she's organized.
In fact, she's one of the most organized people I know...

She always taught me to:
 -  never put anything on a credit card
that I wouldn't be able to pay off the next month
 - collect all of my receipts in a shoe box so that I could
easily do my taxes the following year
 - never let the gas go below 1/4 gallon so that
the car would continue to run efficiently
 - make sure I pay all my bills on time
so I wouldn't collect any late fees and ruin my credit

Of course, I never listened to her and came close a couple of times
to running out of gas, I can never find all of my paperwork for the 
accountant on time so I have to file for an extension, and there
was a time I was so behind on bills and overwhelmed with debt
 I almost considered filing for bankruptcy.

But I think I inherited a little bit of her organizational skills.
I can keep up with my calendar and make it to work on time,
and the electricity has only been
turned off once... 
ok, maybe twice... since I've lived on my own...

1 comment:

JEN Garrett said...

Why is it Mommas always seem to have done it all better than us? Now that I'm an adult, I'm supposed to have that same magic. But nope, don't got it. :)

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