Saturday, November 3, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 3 - Time Flies

Given that it's "fall back" tonight, I thought I would write about time.  I remember being a kid, and it seemed as though time passed by sooo slowly.  Remember that?

You'd be waiting for a trip to Disneyland, or your birthday, or a special event, and the days would just seem to drag by.  You'd mark each day off on the calendar trudging on through.

Now it seems like time just flies.  I set plans for a few months away, then all of a sudden it seems like it's here.  We have dinner plans, or special events, or even a row of days off from work.  Bam!  The next thing you know it's passed.

Tonight we're given an extra hour, and all I can think of is "thank the Lord I don't have to work a 13 hour shift."  I know most of us are thinking, "Yeah, I get to sleep for an extra hour."  But, I stop to wonder for how many people this extra hour is going to make a difference.  One more hour to spend with a loved one.  One more hour to wait for the birth of a child.  One more hour to...

Of course, if you're in a bar, it's one more hour in which to have another round... We did that once.  The bartender rang the bell and hollered "Last call!" then said "Just kidding...!"  An hour later it was "Last call!"  One more hour to spend with friends... that's the best way to spend time.


Jeanie said...

Some thought provoking analogies there Veronica, which would take longer than the hour gained, to review in ones mind. I leave your page with smiley thoughtful musings clashing for my
attention. Thanks for that.. Jeanie x

betty said...

See I wonder what happened in bars and was just mentioning that with hubby last night. He seemed to think that they would go with the old time and not the turned back time. I'll have to tell him your experience in that bar.

Time is a precious commodity, isn't it? We tend to use it randomly and almost without regard until we age and then it becomes something we treasure and don't want to have go quickly, though it seems to do so.

I like Psalm 90:12 Teach us to number our days aright so we may gain a heart of wisdom.


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