Friday, November 9, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 9 - Dem Goats

I haven't really written much about the new goats
Laverne and Shirley.
One of my friends commented that after all the pain and disappointment
involved with the prior goats I probably didn't want to get too attached.
And, maybe she's a little right.

Laverne and Shirley were an afterthought.
As I wrote before, I really wasn't excited about bringing the goats back,
and then with what happened to Boots, 
I really couldn't let myself get any closer to them.

But who wouldn't love those faces..?
They are curious, obnoxious, daring, playful,
and they work their way into your heart somehow...
even when they're eating my rose bushes...

Darn you, cute goats...


That corgi :) said...

They are so cute; I know it was tough with the ones you lost, but I'm sure these new ones are slowly "worming" their way into your heart!


Brainwhispers said...

Thanks to years of watching old English horror films in the 70's which mainly seemed to concentrate on witchcraft or satanism I have grown up with a fear of goats.

You see cuteness. I see a creepy looking animal with evil eyes!

I'm sure they are lovely though.

TV has just ruined them for me. Goats and Sharks.