Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Birthday Shuffle Year V - Day One - Home

Four years ago, I was a month away from finally realizing one of the dreams 
I had been working toward for many years... my own house.  
I started the "myPod Shuffle" then to count down the days until we would be able to move in.
I've done it every year since as a means of keeping up my blog,
and also to remember the path that brought me here
through the music on my iPod.

We had actually bought the house in April, but we gave the prior owners a few months to be able to transition to their new house.

Our house in July 2011

The house was built in 1980 and had not been worked on since.
We came up with the "5 year plan" and started to work
on making the house our own...

Over the last 4 years, dramatic changes have been happening 
on both the outside and inside of the home.

Here are the ways in which the outside changed...

This is how our home looks now...

There are still a few more changes that need to be made;
windows, deck, landscaping, etc... 
but I'm feeling proud and blessed to be able to call this place
my home...

I hope you'll join me over the next month as I celebrate another birthday month,
relive my memories through the music on my iPod,
and maybe I'll share a little more of the home and life 
I've built in this little corner of Northern California.

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