Saturday, January 7, 2012

El Fin (The End)

I can't believe it's over.... what will I do with my weekdays now??

If you haven't been following this blog long, you may not realize that I'm talking about the telenovela "Cuando Me Enamoro."  It had its Gran Final yesterday, and it did not disappoint.  Well, maybe in just one point.  But, we'll get back to that in a bit...

I started watching the telenovela in May... wow... and within a few weeks, I had my husband hooked.  We followed the trials and tribulations of Geronimo and Renata;  the main characters who had to battle lies, jealousies, obsessions, etc. to finally end up together.  Then in mid November, we learned that we were on "Ultimas Semanas" which means "Final Weeks."

Our only complaint about the soap is a storyline about an accidental pregnancy.  The main couple was separated;  in the process of getting a divorce.  Suddenly, a new love interest for Geronimo leads to an unexpected pregnancy.  My husband couldn't accept that a gentleman like Geronimo would have sex with someone.  But, ok.  Then, the pregnancy turned into twins.  Really..??!?  You get the expected threatened miscarriage where the woman has to be on strict bedrest... in Geronimo's home... with his newly reconciled wife... seriously...?

When the final weeks came around, we wondered how they were going to wrap up that storyline.  How could the two main characters live their perfect love story with twins involving another woman.  However, in true telenovela fashion, the "other woman" has a complication while giving birth and dies, but not before there's a tortuous 15 minute death scene where she asks Renata to raise the twins as her own.  Everyone's crying.  She dies.  Storyline closed.

We're not starting a new telenovela.... not unless hunky Juan Soler is going to do another one.... or maybe even if Silvia Navarro stars in it... she was beautiful and awesome as Renata.  I am sure she would do great in any roll... until then, though... there's always Enrique Iglesias on my iPod!

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betty said...

LOL; it did seem like an interesting, maybe not believable, story line with the pregnancy, twins, deathbed scene, etc. But I do think down the road you might take up the cause and do another novella? I said that after American Idol finished last year not to follow it this year, but I'm ramping up for it. And I'm interesed in Alcatraz, yet I think I'm going to get hooked and disappointed like I did with LOST. But it sure makes for interesting dinner conversations!


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