Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weary Travelers...

As many of you know, I am currently making my way across country to our new home in California.  We left Buffalo, NY on Saturday evening, spent the night somewhere south of Cleveland, and we have stopped for the night somewhere west of St. Louis, MO.

I have three cats (Winston, Sofie, and Lacey), and they are making the journey in the big moving van as well.  Winston and Sofie, as I said before, have made several moves as I went from one residency spot to another before settling in Buffalo for the last three years.  I knew what to expect from them.  However, Lacey hadn't traveled like this before, and I was a little apprehensive given her inexperience.  I am pleased to say, she's actually been doing very well.  In fact, all the cats seem to have settled into the routine of get in box, travel in vehicle, explore new room, eat, sleep, and do all over the next day.

Another pleasant surprise has been the availability of pet-friendly hotels.  When I first started traveling with the cats it was sneak them in the back door and hope no one sees them in the window.  Now I can pretty much call ahead and reserve a room anywhere, my cats get welcomed when I check in, and no more hiding the fact that I have fur children.

We're just about halfway there... more miles to travel before we all sleep....


That corgi :) said...

safe travels you all! many a mile you are traveling! glad the cats have their routine down though!


Jeanie said...

I just love that header photo of the squirrel. It looks like a little castaway hanging on for dear life. lol
It made me smile widely Veronica.
I hope your journey is a safe one and that your fur babies stay snug as bugs and settled until you arrive at your destination.
A safe journey is wished for you all.
Take care!
Jeanie xx

Julie said...

Have a safe trip and I am glad the cats are behaving like pro's. Hope you have better luck then we just did on hour trip as we had our first ever experience with bed bugs at our motel, yuk and yikes.