Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts from the Road...

One more night in a hotel room, and then FINALLY we will be at our destination.  The kitties are so used to being able to nibble all day long that traveling for 10 hours a day starts to wear on them.  So, we've found ourselves stopping sooner than anticipated as the kitty howling chorus becomes too much to handle.

I haven't written in 2 days due to a combination of sheer exhaustion and no internet access.  So today I thought I would post some of the random things that come to you when you're traveling in a big U-Haul with really nothing to look at but the road ahead of you:

1.  I love the George Carlin stand-up routine called "a place for my stuff."  There's a part where he travels to visit a friend in Hawaii and has to take some of his stuff with him.  Then you get invited for an overnight and have to take a smaller amount of stuff.  So you end up having stuff all over.  Right now all of my stuff is in a rental truck in the parking lot of the hotel.  Although, there's still a box or two at my Mom's house, but I seem to be carrying my stuff around with me.

2.  I still point out cows on the highway... don't know why, just do...

3.  In a way I've traveled full circle.  I left for medical school and took Interstate 40 until I made a left in Oklahoma.  Now I've driven back from New York until I hit I-40 and drove back along the same road I came.  There were a whole lot of side trips in between... 

4.  Highway bugs don't come off the windshield no matter how much wiper fluid you use.

5.  I'm somewhat fascinated by things you see lying on the side of the road.  Like shoes... how did just one shoe end up there... a hat I understand, but an Igloo cooler?
6.  This cat litter box has been the best travel box ever.  It's relatively self-contained, very little spill, easy to pack, and my cats had no problems adjusting to it.  I didn't pay full price when I got it, because honestly it's a glorified storage bin, but it has definitely been well worth the money on this trip.

7.  The closer you get to your destination, the faster you drive... must enjoy the experience... but, seriously, are we there yet?


Jeanie said...

I have often wondered too who can loose just one shoe. Perhaps the owner had smelly feet and whoever shared their car had had enough of the aroma. lol
Just travelling to our local market town we can expect to see buzzards and kestrels hovering around. The crows help sanitize the road kill and have a keen sense of built in safety for their own lives. Not so the hens and chickens of a roadside farm who will one day tempt fate too much as they hop over the wall to check out how green the grass is nearer to the main road. lol
Sheep graze the fields, as well as cows, with a few horses grazing too in their own pastures, whilst wearing their Newzealand blankets, to ward off the rain and midges I suspect.
Reindeer are kept on one farm so I like watching out for them on my journey too.
It's amazing what you see en-route in such a short space.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your journey back home.
Not long now with a bit of luck and fair winds to you all.
Take care.
Jeanie xxx

Claudia said...

Do all the cats meow the whole trip? Emily's cat Jenny, meowed every 5 seconds from Cleveland OH to Pittsburgh PA. She left her out of the box and the cat ended up plastered on the rear door window like a Garfield cat.

betty said...

loved your on the road observations, Veronica.I am so glad you are nearing your destination! I know all will be excited to get out of that U-Haul and not have to go back into it for hopefully a very long time (moves within a city aren't bad). I always found the closer we got to a destination, the longer it seemed to take. Like 50 miles seemed to drag where 500 miles went by faster, know what I mean?


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