Friday, May 17, 2019

Dogs Make Everything Better

If you haven't been a follower of my blog,
you may not have met Dixie...
I chronicled her early years in the blog

And, this is Dillon; Dixie's younger brother by 8 months.
He had his own blog too...

When the time constraints became too much to write
two different blogs I created
which I honestly haven't written in since April of 2016.
And, yes, these dogs have traveled to all of the places
listed on the side bar!

Most recently as part of my grief therapy, I took them
to one of their favorite places:  the beach....
To say I haven't been in a while is an understatement.
We live five miles from the beach, and I haven't been in over 6 months.
And, the only reason we went that time was because our guests
wanted to see the beach.

Another thing I haven't done in a while is 
go to the beach with my camera.

I love photographing tree trunks on the beach...

I like to shoot pictures of waves...

And, I almost forgot how much I love to shoot
pictures of my dogs in action...
Give them water to swim in and a place to run and they are so happy.

Maybe add another dog they can run around with and it adds to the fun...

What do you think, guys?
We need more beach days...


Chris said...

Holy cow you've got alot of blogs ha ha!

I just have one and its a task just to remember to write in it.


ADB said...

Good to see you take your mind off the sadness from the recent past. It will, given time, find a space in your life. Wishing you strength on your journey down this road; I've been there, and recognise where you're at.

betty said...

So pretty at the beach! Do spend more days down there if you can! I think it can be soothing (and a great time for the pups).