Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Long Has It Been...?

 Wow, after a feverish month of blogging daily, I have gotten lazy, haven't I...?

Let's wrap up:

On the 30th we had, what's becoming, our annual Wine and Mushroom party.
It was wet, sloppy weather and the chanterelles were a bit waterlogged,
but I made a fantastic sangria, plus opened several other special bottles I had
laying around the house, and we had a lot more people show up than last year.
All in all, a LOT of fun, and it really highlighted my lack of seating
since everyone chose to sit around the kitchen table and eat appetizers
instead of milling around.

That weekend I started my decorating for the holidays.
Here's the trim for the fence at the end of the driveway.
I love those big ornaments, but somehow 2 have disappeared, 
and I can't account for how that happened.

I have a thing for silver reindeer, and I added a couple more to the collection.
The slender deer in the middle of the picture is one of the new ones.
He's looking very handsome and is a nice addition to the herd.

We have green eggs!  
This means that at least one of our latest 2 hens are starting to lay.
As you can see, there are 4 different colored eggs, so at least 4 of the 13
(well actually 10 since 3 are roosters) chickens are laying now.
This will be great and I won't have to buy as many eggs when I start
my massive holiday baking projects.

I tried my hand at Southern Fried Pie.  Here are two attempts next to my final
all American apple pie.  My husband performed the taste test.
Not quite like his aunt used to make, but still deemed yummy.
Having done this, now I know what I need to do for the next trial.
But, first we've got to dry some more apples...

Our county is one of the "pilot" counties in the state for the California Medical Foundation "Walk With a Doc" program.  I led last weekend's walk in my town, and despite the rain and 38 degree weather, almost a dozen people showed up to walk the almost 2 mile route I had planned.  I brought the dogs which helped keep us at a brisk pace.  All in all pretty successful, and if anything it got me out of the house to exercise.... and, so should you!

Speaking of the dogs, they really do travel well.  We went on a 12 hour car ride to pick up my mother for the holidays.  The dogs slept most of the time.  They behaved well during our pit stops.  And, they didn't get annoying during those "drive thru" meal stops.


Then twelve hours back on the road, which leads us to the present.  

Momma's here to spend the holidays with us, and Dillon just loves his Gramma.  

Cheers to you and hoping you're able to spend time with loved ones
during this holiday season!

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betty said...

I think that is a normal thing, Veronica; after we finish a challenge that has us blogging daily we do want a bit of a break :)

So glad your mom is spending Christmas with you all! I now you will have a great one!

Green eggs! Never say those except in a Doctor Seuss book :) But glad the chicks are laying eggs!

Love the reindeers; very unusual; hadn't seen any like them before!

Do enjoy Christmas!! Merry merry Christmas!


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