Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cooking With Momma...

So, I've enjoyed having my mother here over the holidays.
And, one of the things we've been doing together is cooking!
On my free days, it's been a pleasure to recreate my favorite recipes
from when I was growing up...
Like potato salad.  Mom's potato salad was the staple at every family gathering
because she made the best.
Mine was pretty close,
and she made suggestions on improvement.

Then there's taquitos, aka rolled tacos...
I love them... so we made them,
inspired by the avocados that my uncle sent me.

Delicious, yes they were...

Then we got a little more complicated and made pozole
which is a pork and hominy soup.
You create a salad topping
with fresh cabbage and radishes...
It was everything a comfort food should be...

Then, the Final Exam... Mole
Mole (mol-eh) is a sauce which varies
depending on which region in Mexico you're from.
My grandmother was from central Mexico near Guadalajara,
and I have never tasted a mole similar to hers.
Today, mom and I tried to recreate it.
I didn't realize how much work went into it...

Just the right amount and balance of chilis,
and mom adding in the special blend of spices
and super secret touches...

This mole came pretty darn close to what I remember from childhood...
We're not complaining... it's delicious!

En Francais, it would be bon apetit...
In Spanish, it's buen provecho!

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That corgi :) said...

all looks delicious! but the memories of working in the kitchen with your mom I am sure are priceless!