Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting Fresh

Many of you know what happened to our goats about 3 weeks ago.  At that time I couldn't even begin to imagine having goats again.  But, today we took the leap and brought Boots and two new friends, Laverne and Shirley back to the house.

I never imagined my Jeep would be used to transport livestock...

Here's the girls' first look at their new home... for Boots, it was a welcome home...!

Ok, we'll get you out of there soon... 

They quickly got to work earning their keep, either that or they were hungry since we'd both been up at dawn to get them home and no one had eaten yet...

I had a tear in my eye when I led Boots around to the back and to the barn.  I know something was going on with her as she raised her head, sniffing the air catching scents of her Momma Josie and the other 2 former goats.  She seemed a little distressed at times; stopping eating and just staring at the barn.  At one point, I almost went to see if she was doing ok because she seemed frozen.  But, then, a flicker of the tail and back to eating.

I still don't know what to think.  I was a little surprised when my husband suggested we get Boots back with a friend or two.  

We didn't kill the bear.  I didn't get my closure.

I went out last week and looked at the goats that were available.  I picked these two because they seemed the cleanest of the group, not for any personality or friendliness, or because I liked their looks.  They were just replacement goats.  They weren't Betty and Josie.  They look like how Jazz would have grown up to look... would have...

I spent the morning like a robot cleaning out the barn, putting up the hay and laying down the pine shavings.  I remembered the salt lick and the feeding container.  I got the water bucket.  It didn't have the same excitement as the first time.  I stood in the yard wondering if I had missed anything.

Then Boots came over and stood by me; rested slightly against me and let me pet her.  Soon, Laverne and Shirley came over, nuzzling my leg, pulling at my shirt;  my husband was doing work on the fence and Shirley started following him around, going wherever he went, letting him pet and rub her back... tail up in the air and wagging.  

And, so now I have goats again.  And, they are a part of the family.

Speaking of which... 
I am happy to introduce
Marshal Dillon
born July 11th
who will be coming home in 2 weeks at the tender age of 7 weeks

He's sure a handsome fellow...!


betty said...

Marshall Dillon is so cute! A wonderful addition to your family and I'm sure Dixie will love a younger brother to "show the ropes to" and to play with! Good for you, Veronica, for getting more goats; for going forward with it, working through your sadness and willing to try again with them! They look so cute and I am sure Boots was glad to be home again!


Tina of Moon Shine said...

I have decided it is time to replace my cat. I am glad the goats settled right in and into your heart. and I hope the bear has moved on or that you get it. love the new puppy. he is gorgeous.

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