Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walking the Grounds

So, this last month we closed on our new home.  It was built in 1980, and the previous owners had lived in it for the last 16 years.  The grounds have not had much up-keep in that time except for a little maintenance of the trails that wind around the 20 acres that the main home sits on, so we have our work cut out for us.  

This photo shows the clearing that a landscaper I hired has done so far.  The right side is the before in case you couldn't guess.  This is about an acre and a half and sits in the front of the house, so we want to have something nice to look out the window at besides the rest of the stunning river and valley view.

This is standing at the start of the trail behind the house.  Right now everything is lush and green after all the rain of the last several months, or several weeks, or several days... it rains all the time.

This is the real start of the trail into the "back twenty."  There's redwood groves further up, chanterelles grow at their bases.  There's a seasonal pond and several meadows further up the trail as well.  I didn't hike it today since I was by myself, and the previous owners said that a bobcat had been seen running around, but I will post more pics when I finally do.  Plus, we have to do a little trail clearing as well.

And, our back yard again... can anyone see a future flagstone patio with a fire ring?  A stone patio with an outdoor kitchen... anyone...?  I already see it right there in my head... just as I always dreamed it would be.


betty said...

it looks really beautiful there, Veronica! Great view too! lots of land to explore too!! I bet it is really serene there and so very quiet!!

and I'm sure it beats apartment life :)


Claudia said...

A diamond in the rough. Keep us posted with pics of the progress.

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