Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Tenth Monthiversary

It's still on the fridge.
I can't bring myself to throw it away.
It's not bothering anyone, 
and it's not in the way,
it's just there
as a reminder
of Momma's basic needs...

I wrote about how strange it was to walk into the grocery store
for the first time and not knowing where to start.
Shopping has changed now.
Hubby and I have actually started shopping together 
in the last several weeks.
Now I've gotten into the routine of thinking of what we need.

I still occasionally find myself going down an aisle and 
mentally checking off what Momma would have needed.
But we've made changes too:
we get a different kind of butter
we don't buy as much ice cream any more
we don't buy flavored creamer or Mocha Mix
and I haven't bought Diet Cranberry Juice for 10 months.

Even if the list eventually comes off the fridge
it won't matter.
Momma's list will always be ingrained in my brain...
things like that can't ever be forgotten...

1 comment:

betty said...

Keep the list up there as long as you need to or want to. You'll know when (if ever) you are ready to take it down. Its good you and hubby are shopping together (unless he likes to go down every aisle and you want to be out of the store as quickly as possible, just saying :) Good thing to do together!

(on a side note because I know sometimes you don't follow my blog and I'm not sure I'm putting this on Facebook, we are SERIOUSLY considering getting another corgi. We are going to look at one from a litter born last month. Hubby is retired and has the time to potty train it and I hope has the energy to take care of a puppy :) I got a job so I'll be starting it February 17th; this time around he'll be more hands on with him).


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