Friday, June 21, 2019

TYOFWM - Road Trip

Momma loved to travel.  She enjoyed road trips; new things to see.  New places to explore.  We’re on our first road trip without her, and I’m having so many memories.

Like bathroom stops. She needed them more as she got older and her medications made it so that she “had” to stop.  Driving the first part of our journey yesterday, I was mentally ticking off the distances to the next bathroom along the way... because I learned to know them all.  Once I was past the familiar part of our trip, I found myself mentally noting where stops would be for the way back.  Habits.

I got misty at breakfast, a usual stop along this route, thinking of how she always ordered the same thing: a pancake sandwich - essentially pancakes with eggs and a meat - over easy with bacon.  At the lunch stop, she’d somehow manage to find the best thing on the menu.  She’d surprise us with her choices sometimes, but she’d enjoy her meal, maybe trying something new.

So many memories, so many road trips, so many adventures on the road.  And, now we’re going someplace she’d never been, but I’m sure she’s along for the ride because she’s never far from my thoughts.  She would have loved it.

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betty said...

Its good you are going somewhere new with a little mixture of something old. It sounds like a fun adventure, enjoy it! I know your Momma would have!


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