Thursday, February 14, 2013

Put It In a Love Song

It's Valentine's Day, and I thought I would borrow this idea from one of the blogs I follow:

Favorite Love Songs

I can't think of any one particular song that is "our song," but my hubby and I do have several songs that have been a part of our relationship since the beginning.

My Girl - The Temptations
This is the first song I associated with my hubby. For some reason he called me "Doll" when we first me, and would sing this to me as we spontaneously danced around the kitchen. I still think of it as his song.

My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
My hubby and I had a long distance relationship from the start. We communicated via AOL Instant Messanger to cut down on phone bills (these were the days before cell phones) and sent letters back and forth. This song was at the center of our relationship during that time. Every time we parted I kinda felt like the characters in the movie...

I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston
I sing this to my hubby any time it comes on while we're traveling in the car... my singing hasn't improved in 15 years, but he still smiles when I do... especially when I try to hit that last bridge where she doesn't even stop for a breath... whew!

Marry Me - Neil Diamond
I was looking for a wedding song and came across this one randomly. It became our entrance song. Love it! And, we both like Neil Diamond, so it was perfect.

Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan - Gloria Estefan
My hubby actually picked this song for our first dance. I don't know how years later he remembered me playing this song for him and explaining the words. It talks about how "with the years I have left to live, I will show you how much I love you." Perfect for a first dance.

Wherever You Go - Marty Haugen, et al.
I played in the church choir when I was in high school, and the song of Ruth with the lines "Wherever you go, I shall go, wherever you live, so shall I live, your people will be my people, and your God will be my God too." So when we were getting married I looked for the song and found this version on You Tube, which is strange considering I can't find it now... Nonetheless, great song, great lyrics...

and, finally, 
Bendita Tu Luz - Mana
Funny, this was another song we randomly found while looking for songs for the wedding. Jerry and I met quite by accident, right place, right time, and this song talks of that, blessing the moment that two people meet and "make of two journeys one journey."


betty said...

Nice assortment of songs for you and your husband, Veronica!! I hope you guys had a nice day!


Unknown said...

Great songs here. I'm a huge Neil Diamond fan. The other songs are great too. Johnny and my song was "You Lay So Easy On My Mind."

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